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I think everyone would agree that it is important to have a vision for your business. A vision sets a destination point and provides direction for the business. It should inspire you so that even on a bad day you know why you are doing what you are doing. Being clear about where you want to go is also crucial to effective, consistent decision making.
The single most important thing about a vision, though, is that you can articulate it in a sentence.   A vision can’t be effective if it’s only in your head.

I recently went through a comprehensive review of my business which resulted in a significant change of focus and direction. I was feeling really energised and excited and thought I had a clear vision.  For a couple of months I couldn’t understand why I seemed to be progressing at a snails pace and getting so frustrated that others were seemingly not understanding my change in direction. One day someone asked me what my vision was – and I told them.  It took 15 minutes. That’s when I realised that I didn’t have a vision, at least not a clear one.  So I sat down and worked through a structured process to get all of the jumbled thoughts and images I had in my head into one sentence:
To be recognised as delivering a fresh approach to cement learning in schools and inspire achievement in business, via expert facilitation and a twist of pottery painting.
Once I had this vision articulated, I felt a sense of relief and a huge sense of pride. Relief that I could stop doing the work that I wasn’t enjoying because it wasn’t part of my future vision and pride of where I am taking the business and how much I will have achieved when I get there.
Based on my experience I have developed a ½ day course to help SMEs to create and articulate a vision for their business. More information can be found at