What we offer

Painted hand or foot prints on pottery offers a wonderful opportunity to capture memories and create unique & bespoke gifts. The end results are of a very high quality and are mementos to be treasured. Older children (3-4 years) can paint & decorate their plate as well as, or instead of, a hand print.

As a mobile studio I come out to different settings like nurseries, pre-schools, baby & toddler groups and can visit homes for a group of friends.

What you can expect from a session:

  • A selection of items including coasters, plates, mugs and baubles (at Christmas)
  • Prices per item starting at £5.00
  • No additional fee to book a session, costs are just on a per item basis
  • Help to capture the best possible hand or footprint
  • Writing on the item (name & year and any message) at no additional cost.
  • Items glazed, fired and returned within 2 weeks (except from Oct-Dec when its 3 weeks)

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