Pre-schools & Nurseries

Running a pottery painting session in your nursery or pre-school is a popular offering with parents.  It is an opportunity to capture memories and create unique gifts for family members.   There is an option for older children (3+) to paint their item as well as, or instead of, a hand print – this activity is child led and creates a piece of artwork to be treasured.

There is no cost to the setting as parents order and pay for their own items and 10% sales are given back to the setting.

100% of nurseries & pre-schools would recommend us to other settings and most book another session within a year.  For more information or to book a session please call 07788779711 or email

What you can expect once you have booked a date for your session:

  • Order forms to be distributed to parents with information for them about the session
  • Posters about the session to be distributed throughout the setting
  • Basket of samples so the parents can see and feel the finished products
  • On the day of the booking I will arrive around 9am and will stay until all the orders have been completed
  • Not much space is needed to run the session, just a small table is required.
  • I will bring all equipment that is needed, including aprons and tablecloths.
  • All items glazed, fired and returned within 2 weeks (except between Oct-Dec when its 3 weeks)

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